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Mike Jenkinson
The #blogsofaugust  experiment: Week 1

A week ago, I made the rather snap decision to take up +Mike Elgan on his challenge to blog only on Google+ in August.

After the first week, here's where I'm at:

* I've put up more posts on Google+ during this week than I have in any week since I've been on Google+. There's something about the stream of posts in Google+ and everyone in my circles posting stuff all the time that stirs those creative (or is it competitive?) juices.

* I've "met" some really interesting people with some great posts in the #blogsofaugust  experiment so far, and I hope a few of them have found me interesting too. Or not. That's cool, too.

* I've really grown to appreciate Google+ as a social network. And the #blogsofaugust  experiment has been a great way to expand my audience here, which has been terrific.

* I really miss having built-in Blogger stats that show how many views my blog entries receive and what my popular posts are versus less popular, which gives me an idea of what my audience wants to read from me.

* I also miss Blogger's flexibility with real formatting tools, saving drafts, scheduling posts and real social media sharing options. There's just something about looking at a blog post with the various share to Twitter/FB, etc., buttons that seems more social than Google+'s share to, well, Google+.

* However, I've had way more feedback and comments on my Google+ blogs in the past week than I've had on my actual blog in, well, ever. I've had blog posts with many hundreds and thousands of hits, but very little in the way of actual feedback from readers.

* That said, I still think my actual blog does a  far better job advertising me than does Google+, IMO. Sure, my Twitter and Facebook accounts are buried deep in my G+ profile, but my Twitter feed is front and center on my blog. My Facebook badge is there. My Instagram badge is there. Even my Google+ badge is there. It's my domain. It's ME all in one place. Google+ isn't ME. Just in the same way Facebook isn't me.

* I think I can only handle 3 social media networks at a time in any kind of organized fashion. I've noticed that since paying more attention to Google+, my Instagram app has been gathering virtual pixel dust on my iPhone. I'm keeping up my usual presence on Twitter and Facebook, but my mind isn't working in the background on finding neat photos to post to Instagram. Instead, it's churning away at blog topics.

Will I go back to Blogger after the experiment ends? Probably, yes, but I suspect I'll end up keeping up with Google+ as a secondary blogging site or be blogging on Blogger and then sharing here but with more robust actual posts rather than just relinking. I dunno exactly yet, but at the moment,  I'm loathe to give up on Blogger completely.

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